Overdraft Protection

Alaska weather can change in an instant, and requires many layers; You have to be ready for anything. The same goes with your checking account. Overdraft protection ensures that those once in a while mistakes don't become more costly. We offer several options to make sure you—and your credit—are protected.

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Overdraft Protection
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Choose one method, or a sequence of methods, to create a personalized overdraft protection plan. No matter what your situation we can help you protect your account and your reputation.

Why use Overdraft Protection?

  • Protect your credit
  • No merchant returned check fees
  • Keep your debit card from being rejected
  • Avoid embarrassment at the pump or checkout
  • No monthly fee
  • Low per usage charge
Opt In/Opt Out

Don't lose your safety net!

Beginning July 10, 2010, if you want your ATM and one-time debit card transactions to be covered by overdraft protection, you must opt-in. Why would you want to opt-in? Well, if overdraft protection is not in place you might encounter a denied transaction just when you need it most, for example at the gas station or the grocery store.

You will be asked to Opt-in or Opt-out during the account opening process. If you wish to change your choice, you can talk to any representative at any of our branches.

    Key Facts:

    • The new rule does not apply to checks or automatic (recurring) payments.
    • We will continue to offer Courtesy Pay for checks or automatic payments. This service is applied at our discretion and can result in NSF fees.
    • If you choose to opt in, you can change your mind and opt out at any time.
    Overdraft Transfers

    Link your savings or money market account to your checking. If you go over your checking balance, we will automatically transfer funds from your savings to cover the overage.

    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • Low $7.50 per-transfer fee
    • Transfers count against any transaction limitations
    Courtesy Pay

    As a Spirit of Alaska member, you automatically have overdraft protection on checks and automatic payments. You can also opt in to receive coverage on your debit card as well. We can cover any overages so you can always buy the things you need.

    • Avoid having your debit card rejected
    • No monthly maintenance fee
    • Free unless you use it
    • Low $30.00 charge per usage
    Overdraft Line of Credit

    If you think you're going to overdraft your account often or by a large amount, a line of credit might be just what you need. Apply for it just like a loan; once you're approved, you can access it whenever you need it. No set up charges are incurred and you may pay off the line of credit at any time.

    • No set-up or maintenance fees
    • Pay interest on only what you use
    • $100 minimum advance, with additional advances in $100 increments.
    • Based on approved credit
    • Some restrictions may apply