Go Green

Spirit of Alaska FCU goes green.

At Spirit of Alaska, our policy is to improve environmental quality through wise business decisions. These include conserving energy, reducing or eliminating waste, recycling, and properly disposing of any remaining waste. We believe that our responsibility to prevent pollution is compatible with successful business objectives.

Going green, while at the same time improving our productivity, efficiency, and materials handling, requires regular review of operations; but we believe it can be doneā€¦and are doing it every day!

Here are some of the most recent things we have done

Solar Panels - the core of our green initiative

View our real-time electrical generation data from the solar panels

Have you noticed the solar panel arrays at our Gillam and Johansen branches? Here's a few specs on these investments in the future.

  • Sunny Portal - see in real-time the energy generated by the solar panels, represented by some great visual graphs. Photos are also viewable through the portal.
  • Gillam Panels: 3,500-watt, grid-interactive, solar electric system.
  • Johansen Panels: 2800-watt grid-interactive, solar electric system that tracks with the sun.
  • Both panels Include equipment for connection to GVEA's SNAP program, which links local individuals and businesses who want to produce renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, with local members who want to buy renewable power.

Green Star Standards

Our organization is actively working to achieve and maintain Green Star Standards and to be a model for other organizations and our community.

Johansen Branch

Our new flagship branch was built in 2011 using Green Star standards.

  • 4 pane windows, R9-R12
  • Walls insulated to R50
  • Roof seamlessly insulated to R60
  • Dual feed (will accept fuel or natural gas), low temperature furnace
  • Radiant heat floors
  • Natural light sourced through large windows and overhead cupola
  • Locally sourced materials such as Alaskan lumber and stones

Same Great Service, Better for the Planet

Here are some other things we do to be green:

  • Upgrading to more efficient lighting.
  • Converted to paperless environment using electronic record retention, with cutting edge security and backup, eliminating a vast majority of our filing cabinets. (over 60!)
  • Employees recycle aluminum cans.
  • Employees use recyclable mugs and bottles to reduce paper cup waste.
  • Expanding employee parking lot using recycled asphalt products (RAP).

Help Us Go Green with online services!

You probably already know that online banking, online bill payment, and e-statements can help save time. But the benefits go beyond personal convenience. These terrific services can help the environment as well!

What Can Online Banking Do for the Environment?

According to a recent report, about half of all U.S. households use online banking, with about half of those also paying bills online. If everyone started using these services on a regular basis, the results would be remarkable, such as:

  • More than 16 million trees would be spared.
  • Fuel consumption would drop by 26 million BTUs. That's enough to provide residential power to San Francisco for a year!
  • Air pollution would be reduced by 3.9 billion pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents—comparable to taking 355,015 cars off the road!
  • About 1.6 billion pounds of solid waste would be eliminated—equal to 56,000 fully loaded garbage trucks.

Start banking online today!

E-teller makes it easy to do your part for the environment while enjoying 24-hour convenience. Learn more about online banking.

How Can I Help?

In addition to using paperless online banking services, you can do a lot to help clean up the environment and preserve it for future generations:

  • Recycle your cans, glass, and other materials. Get a list of recyclers and drop off recycling points in the area here.
  • Install energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).
  • Use your own reusable cup or bottle when you grab something to drink.
  • Get an energy audit.
  • Clean/tune your boiler regularly.
  • Insulate your home to reduce energy costs/usage.
  • When replacing appliances, buy Energy Star products.
  • Use alternative means to get around, such as carpooling, walking, or biking. (we have a bike rack!)
  • Turn off/unplug appliances when not in use.
  • Install programmable thermostats.
  • Instead of replacing your windows, install energy panels.
  • Properly inflate tires and don't idle your car for more than 30 seconds.
  • Direct deposit and eliminate checks by using your debit card.
  • Use cruise control to save fuel.

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