Submit your completed and signed forms by the following options:

  • Fax: (907) 459-5996

  • Mail: 1417 Gillam Way, Fairbanks, AK 99701

  • or deliver the form to your favorite branch.

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General Forms

Switch Kit Forms

Switch your account to Spirit of Alaska FCU with ease and peace of mind. Select the forms you need below to open your new Spirit of Alaska account; authorize a change to directly deposit funds into your new Spirit of Alaska account; authorize changes to any automatic payments you would like to be paid from your new Spirit of Alaska account; and close your old account and have the remaining funds sent to your new account.

Reg E Overdraft Opt In/Opt Out Form

Use this form to update your overdraft/courtesy pay for ATM and debit card purchases.

Address Change Form

Moving? Make sure your address is up-to-date in our records.

NEW! You can now change your address through e-Teller! You can make a request through secure e-Teller messaging, using your secure login as your electronic signature.

Due to security and privacy we must have a request to change your address in writing with your authorizing signature (or your electronic e-Teller signature). Include your full name, account number(s) affected by the address change, your social security number, birth date, and a contact phone number where we can reach you if needed. Please include the same information for joint owners.

Check Reconciliation

Use our helpful PDF check register to automatically calculate the balance in your checking account.

Payments and Transfers

Automatic Payment/Transfer Authorization

Use this account maintenance form to set up and authorize transfers within SoAFCU accounts for:

Credit Card Automatic Payment Authorization - Use this form to setup auto pay on your credit card.

Drop the hassle of a paper form and sign up for e-Teller! With e-Teller, easily setup automatic transfers and payments to any account from the Transfers section.

Direct Deposit

Electronic deposit of payroll is available to members whose employers participate in a Direct Deposit program. If you use Direct Deposit or Electronic Funds transfers (EFT), be sure to use the Spirit of Alaska routing number (325272212) and your complete account number.

Resource: State and Federal Direct Deposit Forms

ACH Agreement

Use this form to setup automatic transfers to and from financial institutions other than SoAFCU.

Wire Transfers

To get same-day service for your wire transfer, you must submit your written request no later than 1:00 PM. All requests received after 1:00 PM will be processed the next business day. If your wire transfer is $5,000 or less, a Spirit of Alaska representative will verify the information on the form with your records on file at the credit union. If your wire is greater than $5,000, you will be contacted by telephone to verify your code word on file at the credit union. (Please establish your code word prior to submitting a wire transfer request greater than $5,000.)

Loan Payment Coupon

Print out this sample coupon to specify payment details for your consumer loan.

Credit and Debit Card Forms

Dispute a Fraudulent Transaction

Use this form if you have found fraudulent transactions on your credit or debit card.

Dispute a Merchant Transaction

Use this form if you have a dispute with a merchant concerning an Credit or Debit card transaction. You must complete the form and provide as much information about the dispute as possible.

Dispute an unauthorized ACH (automatic debit) transaction

Use this form if there has been an unauthorized ACH transaction on your account.

Signature based transaction disputes must be received within 60 days from the Central Processing date of the posting date of the transaction. PIN based disputes must be received within 45 days of the post date of the transaction. Disputes can take up to 45 days to be completed. Please refer to your card agreement for additional information concerning the dispute process. You may also contact Member Services.

Fairbanks Police Department - Statement Form

Stop Payment Forms

Stop Payment orders may be made for any draft or EFT transaction on your account. See instructions for filling out the form.

Recurring Debit (ACH) Stop Payment Form

Check Stop Payment Form

Close Your Account

Closed Account Form

Please use this form if you would like to close your account. You must complete and sign the form before we can close your account and forward any remaining funds to you. A Member Service representative may contact you to confirm information prior to closing your account.

Please note that closing your account does not relieve you of loan obligations or fees due to the credit union. All checking accounts, ATM, debit and/or credit cards, and loans must be closed before we can close your primary share account. There may be a minimum wait period for outstanding transactions to clear before your account is closed.