Online Services

In the world of business, things can move pretty quickly. You can stay ahead of the rest with online services. We offer 24-hour online access through E-Teller and paperless e-statements. You have everything you need to get up-to-the minute information and anytime access to your Spirit of Alaska accounts. Use any online computer to check your account balance, review past transactions, transfer funds, and so much more.

Online Services
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e-Teller Account Access

Business Services

Your business banking needs differ from your personal needs. The e-Teller Business module provides you with all the benefits of the Personal e-Teller module plus more:

  • Built-in risk management features to restrict access for different users
  • Move to any account from the transaction screen
  • See pending transactions that have not yet been processed
  • Use cash management worksheets to help monitor your assets
  • Establish alert controls to remind you of important events
  • Help documents that guide you along every screen
  • Create and download export files for Quicken® and Intuit QuickBooks®
  • Use Bill Pay-e to pay anyone in the country
  • Submit address, email, or other account changes
  • Make loan payments to your Spirit of Alaska loan
  • Manage finances with our easy online register; Organize your accounts by assigning meaningful names such as "Business Savings" or "Personal Checking"

Easy Account Access

  • Available online, anytime!
  • View current account information
  • View/print/save cleared checks
  • Order replacement checks
  • Access to statements and other documents

Safe and Secure

  • Full 128-bit security encryption and dual authentication that works in the background
  • Added layers of identity protection; e-Teller watches for uncharacteristic or unusual behavior involving your Internet Account Access.
  • Setup security questions to protect your identity
Home Connect

Home Connect

Get your financial information sent to you electronically each month with this free service and forget the filing hassles! Your information is safely stored online where you can access it 24 hours a day via any web-enabled computer. No trudging to the mailbox each month, no digging through filing cabinets—they even arrive sooner than mailed statements each month! How's that for convenient?

  • Available through e-Teller
  • Accessible online anytime.
  • Home Connect is safer than sensitive documents sitting in your mailbox.
  • Reduced chance of identity theft.
  • Receive statements and notices sooner than by mail.
  • Access current and past documents.
  • View/print/download easily.
  • Paper copies available for a small fee.

e-Teller FAQ

How do I sign up?

Click the "Enroll Now" button above to create your e-Teller account.

How do I change my password?

The first time you log onto e-Teller you will be prompted to change your password. One you have accessed your account, you will use the Options tab at the top of the e-Teller page to change your password. e-Teller passwords must be at least 7 - 15 characters long, and must contain a minimum of 2 numeric characters (i.e. BPFR34 or JB23JILL). Passwords are case sensitive.

I am locked out of e-Teller!

For safety and security, after three consecutive unsuccessful log-in attempts, you will be locked out of e-Teller until a SoAFCU representative resets your bad password count. Please call us in the case of a lock-out, please call us at 459-5900 or 800-478-41949, or you may send us an email at

e-Teller doesn't work well with my browser.

To view the e-Teller site correctly and take advantage of the 128-bit security encryption, you may need to update your browser. Please use the following links to assist you with browser upgrades:

More information on using e-Teller