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The Spirit of Alaska Society of Smart Youth (SASSY) is dedicated to helping young credit union members learn more about how to manage money. Games for kids, tools for parents and prizes for those under 18 who open a savings account at Spirit of Alaska FCU!

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Wild About Saving

This April, youth can take a walk on the wild side at the credit union. Whether they've been to the jungle or not, the call of the wild is enticing to youth of all ages. .

During the month of April, youth will have the opportunity to go on safari at the credit union as Spirit of Alaska celebrates National Credit Union Youth Month™. This year's theme, "Wild About Saving™," encourages youth to use resources available at the credit union to help them cut their way through the jungle of financial responsibility. Before long, they'll be leading others on their own savings safari!

Wild About Saving Articles

Saving Tips

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Sharpen Your Savings Skills

Spirit of Alaska Society of Smart Youth (SASSY)

SASSY is a financial literacy program for young people from kindergarten to high school. We want to provide resources to help youth succeed in the world of money. Anyone (even adults!) can play our free, online financial literacy games!

Youth! Learn how to manage your money with SASSY

Just because you're young doesn't mean you don't have money. The sooner you start learning the ins and outs of money management and financial responsibility, the easier life will be. Properly managed, money is a cornerstone in the foundation of happiness and well-being.

SASSY helps you gain the skills, attitudes and behaviors for successfully managing money when it comes to balancing spending, saving, investing and sharing.


(An alert will pop up asking you to confirm you want to leave for the SASSY site. Just click Yes. We are required to notify you that you are leaving Don't worry, SASSY is a safe place!)

SASSY is also an awards and achievement program for those who open up a savings account at Spirit of Alaska FCU.

Members of Spirit of Alaska FCU who are 17 or younger, are already enrolled in SASSY.

What exactly is SASSY's Awards Program?

Complete SASSY achievements, and earn real rewards! There's great stuff, like yo-yo's, water bottles and duffle bags. We also plan social activities and send out emails about great money management opportunities.

First, to enroll in SASSY, open up a savings account at Spirit of Alaska FCU! You can apply online through our secure process, or come into any branch.

After you are a member, download a checklist of achievements (see below), visit the SASSY portal, and get started. SASSY serves our credit union youth with 3 distinctive stages of development.

Discoverers (K-3rd grade)

Explorers (4th-7th grade)

Soarers (8th-12th grade)

Parents! SASSY can help you teach financial management, AND make it fun.

The SASSY portal includes links to fun activities and helpful websites. We want to see young members learning financial management skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Research confirms that youth who learn to manage and balance life with money through responsible saving, spending, and sharing are more likely to be successful in many areas of education and life. Enrolling in SASSY's incentive reward program provides youth with motivation and tools for the process.

Look for SASSY programs in your community and school organizations as we bring fun to a world of more money in your pockets. Learning about money now leads to a better future for you.

Spirit of Alaska FCU reserves the right to modify and change SASSY program terms and awards without notice.

Other Financial Resources

Paying For Your Education

Smart Option Student Loans

Looking for some help getting through school? Sallie Mae is partnering with credit unions to offer student loans to Spirit of Alaska FCU members. Find out more.


Student financial aid can help you reach your goals! Fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at regardless of your family's income.


Local School Business Partnerships

Spirit of Alaska is pleased to participate in School Business Partnerships with the following schools:

  • Hunter Elementary School
  • Lathrop High School
  • West Valley High School
  • North Pole High School

Our School Business Partnerships encourage cooperative relationships that mutually benefit our partner schools and the credit union membership. These dynamic relationship ignite creativity and imagination leading to such things as helping Hunter Elementary students learn the value of saving and spending by learning to manage a checking account. At the same time, Spirit of Alaska members enjoy wonderful musical programs and occasional art displays in the Gillam Branch lobby.

Spirit of Alaska is committed to the concept of business and schools working together. Many Spirit of Alaska employees participate and contribute time and resources for ongoing activities.